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Our updated Child Safe Policy is now available. For the full documents, please look under the About header. (MEMBERS ONLY)

Parent’s and Child’s Guide to

Child Protection at

Ormeau Community Church


Dated 27th January 2018


Ormeau Community Church supports the active participation of children and young people

(under 18 years old) in our church.  We respect and value children and young people

and will provide a safe environment where they can learn and develop.


  1. We promote respect, fairness and consideration for all staff and volunteers.
  2. We have appointed a Child Safety Officer who will provide support and advice to our workers.
  3. All new staff and volunteers will receive a copy of the Child Safe Child Friendly Policy and our Code of Conduct, which are also available at
  4. All staff and volunteers will be trained yearly in our child protection procedures. 
  5. Our Child Safety Officer is Janelle Hosking who can be contacted by email at should parents be interested in looking at our child safe practices.


Ormeau Community Church takes child protection seriously and has a set of policies and a code of conduct in place to ensure our staff and volunteers provide safe care for your children.


All our staff and volunteers who work in our children’s ministries have been cleared through the Working With Children Checks where required (volunteer parents are exempt from requiring a blue card).


  1. What we believe -
    1. Everyone in our church should be confident that complaints will be dealt with honestly and fairly. 
    2. Everyone in our church should be confident in reporting inappropriate behaviour around children.
    3. Everyone in our church should report any concerns about the safety or welfare of a child or young person immediately.
  2. All complaints should be reported.  This includes -
    1. Disclosure of abuse.
    2. Inappropriate behaviour around children.
    3. Suspicion of abuse or harm to a child.
  3. All complaints must be reported to the Child Safety Officer.

Name:  Janelle Hosking                                Email:

A child or young person or any staff member or volunteer can make a complaint, or raise a concern, directly to the Child Safety Officer.

  1. The Child Safety Officer will take the following actions:
    1. Listen to the person making the complaint and make a record of the complaint using the “Complaints and Incidents Record Form”.
    2. Assess the complaint and if appropriate report the complaint to Community Services and other appropriate authorities if warranted (i.e. Police).  Inform everyone involved in the complaint of the requirement to make this report.
    3. If the complaint involves inappropriate behaviour and a breach of the code of conduct, the church leaders will need to act in accordance with internal discipline procedures.
    4. The church must provide details to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General of any staff member or volunteer who has been the subject of completed employment proceedings involving reportable conduct or acts of violence committed by them in the presence of a child.